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Your Sins Will Find You Out

 Numbers 32:23 – “But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

It has been a very interesting time: there are plenty of preachers who don’t tell people that sin is terrible. They don’t tell people that there is Hell fire, they don’t warn people against the disasters and the dangers. But the words I am bringing to you today is that, if you live in sin, be sure that your sins will find you out.

There are two (2) things that have express ticked to Hell fire.

1) The voice of the blood

2) Sin and iniquity

“Though hands join in hands, the wicked shall not go unpunished” – He did not say that you won’t be forgiven, you will be forgiven but the consequences of it shall not go. You can claim the mercy of God but the mercy too is not guaranteed because the Bible says, “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on.”

* Sin will weaken your senses

* Sin will injure your conscience

* Sin will obscure your sense of God

* Sin will take your mind off spiritual things

* Sin increases the authority of the flesh over your mind

* Sin is a disaster, sin is a tragedy.

Wherever the Almighty puts full stop, don’t put question mark.

Sin is thus the abominable thing that God hates. Everything wrong with this world is an addition of what is wrong with all of us. So sin is addictive; a sin of a nation, family, church, etc. can add together. Sin is addictive and it stinks to the skies.

A sinner in one department as far as the Bible is concerned, is a sinner in all departments.

Sin is the greatest of all detectives; it will find you out. The trouble with little sin is that it won’t stay little.

There are also degrees of sin, although sin is sin; the issue of sin is so serious in the Bible that it has more than eight hundred (800) appearances.

* Sin offers much but will give you nothing.

* Sin will promise everything but it will not deliver what it has promised you.

* Sin may be so appealing, but it is a killer and a destroyer.

* Sin will always deaden life or bring about death or lifelessness.

* Sin never tends to life, it tends to death

* Sin can trill a man, but it then kills the person.

* Sin can excite but then causes woes.

* Sin can look sweet, but it then sours the environment.

* Sin can gratify but it then grinds the person to pieces

* Sin hurts, sin is wrong; it will find you out no matter how clever you are. We have changed the names of sins but God has not changed His attitude towards sin. Instead of stealing, we say “misappropriation of funds”; instead of adultery, we say, “he was having an affair”, etc…

What Does God Mean When He Says Sin Will Find You Out?

1) Sin will find you out on your face: our face reveals our heart; it is the mirror to our soul.

2) Sin will find you out in your body: sin will lead to sickness, though not all sickness comes from sin.

3) Sin will find you out in your children: King David’s sin resulted to his child’s death. The sins of the parents can be lived out in the lives of their children.

4) Sin will find you out in your conscience: sin will never leave you the way he finds you. People’s minds today have been infected by sins.

* When sin is on the driving seat, shame will always sit at the back. So, your worst enemy beloveth is your own sinful heart.

There is no small sin; its consequences may be immeasurable. If you sin for profit, you shall not profit by sin.

You can choose your sin but you cannot choose the consequences. Sin causes the cup of joy to have a leak.

The harvest of judgement is sure as soon as the seed of sin is sown. The sin of one person or ten can bring tragedy to many. Sin is not judged the way we see it but the way God sees it.

Sin puts hell into the soul and puts the soul eventually into hell.

Prices may rise and fall, but the price of sin remains the same. Therefore, the most expensive thing in this world is sin, and we must not engage in it.

There are many new sinners but there are no new sins.

Wickedness in any form will never go unpunished. Sin is the greatest of all detectives, be sure it will find you out.

Every sin has its consequence. Forgiveness does not eliminate discipline. Miriam was disciplined when she spoke against Moses, although forgiven. David was forgiven but cursed. Forgiveness removes the condemnation of sin but it does not eliminate discipline.

Samson was forgiven; his hair grew again but his eyes never came back. Abraham opted for Ishmael and the consequences, we are seeing now.

Every sin you are living in today is a foundation for your generation. So, your sin will find you out.

Forgiveness does not free us from the consequences of actions which cannot be undone. There are some wrongs which can be righted: you can steal money and return the money, the punishment is limited because the wrong has been corrected.

If you live in sin of sexual immorality, deception, murder; consequences will certainly come.

* If you do not want your children to steal, don’t train them with stolen money now.

* If you don’t want your children to live in adultery and fornication, don’t train them with the wages of adultery and fornication.

* If you do not want your children to have a broken home, don’t punch your wife now.

* If you do not want your children to go into drugs, don’t get involved in drug business or any business that destroys human life.

* If you do not want your daughter to be messed up, don’t mess up other people’s daughter now.

The blood of Jesus does not eliminate the consequences of sin, only the mercy of God can eliminate the consequences of sin.

* Sin is Success In Nothing

* Sin is Self-Inflicted Nonsense.

* Sin invites death, and death will vanish when sin disappears.

* Sin obscures the soul.

* Sin cannot be undone but only forgiven.

* Sin can sometimes become a friend because it will give you temporary pleasure.

The longer you stay in sin, the less and less it bothers you. But that sin will eventually turn on your and cause pain. So, sin is a clever enemy.

One leak can sink a ship, one sin can destroy many. We need to cry for the mercy of God this day. Mercy is obtained in the prison of discipline, but to obtain that mercy, tell God the truth.

There is no guarantee that God will show mercy but forgiveness is guaranteed. The only thing that can eliminate consequences is mercy.

Listen very carefully;

* You cannot sow bad habit and reap a good character.

* You cannot sow jealousy and hatred and reap love and friendship.

* You cannot sow wicked thoughts and reap a clean life.

* You cannot sow wrong deeds and live righteously.

* You cannot sow crime and get away with it.

* You cannot sow crooked things and succeed indefinitely.

* You cannot sow self-indulgence and it will not show in your face.


* You cannot sow dishonesty and reap integrity.

* You cannot sow profane words and reap clean speech.

* You cannot sow disrespect and reap respect.

* You cannot sow deception and reap confidence

* You cannot sow untidiness and reap neatness.

* You cannot sow intemperance and reap temperance.

* You cannot sow indifference and reap nature’s rewards.

* You cannot sow mental or physical laziness and reap a responsible position in society.

* You cannot sow cruelty and reap kindness.

* You cannot sow cowardice and reap courage.

* You cannot sow destruction of other people’s property and reap protection over your own.

* You cannot sow greed and envy and reap generosity.

* You cannot sow neglect of Lot’s house and reap strength in temptation.

* You cannot sow neglect of the Bible and reap a well guided life.

* You cannot sow prayerlessness and reap power.

Repent and give your life to Jesus before it is too late:

Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life. I believe you died for me and that your blood pays for my sins and provides me with the gift of eternal life. By faith I receive that gift and I acknowledge you as my Lord and Savior. Amen". Dear Lord Jesus, I give my life to you as my Lord and savior so that my joy will be full. Lord Jesus, I dedicate my soul, spirit and body to you. I know you have delivered and saved me.

Did you pray the above prayers?
Welcome to the family!

Say O God arise, and tear me away from every bondage, in the name of Jesus.


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