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Deliverance of the Hand, [B]

The power in our hands and what happens if our hands become spiritually caged. Enjoy!

The power of our hands and read from Job 37:7, which says
He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work- KJV, American Edition Dr. Olukoya also tried to explain that God has set his seal on the hand of every man and in this message, will explain the power in the hands.

Hands perform service; hands perform work; hands responds to things; hands on the head represent suffering. The bible talks about lame hands. In Heb 12:12,
Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees- KJV, American Edition A hand can physically and spiritually hang down. It may look okay physically, but in the spirit realm, it is hanging down. A hand that is hanging down spiritually will not be able to hold anything. People who color their finger nails need to be very careful because those colors have meaning in the spirit realm:
Red - covering of bloodOrange - covering of evilYell…

Deliverance of the Hand, [A]

The power in our hands and what happens if our hands become spiritually caged. Enjoy!
Beloved, there is an ongoing spiritual battle.

Whether you believe it or not, it's going on and guess what? You CANNOT be neutral in this battle. As Christians, we have no option but to fight. The bible describes our warfare as wrestling, a close combat hand-to-hand fight; a conflict in which opponents tend to defeat one another with skill, strength, and endurance. So, a wrestler must be strong, understanding, possess skill, study and practice to win, knowledgeable, and vigilant.

We want to battle an area which we do not generally pray about, but is causing a lot of concerns - the hand.
God gave each hand of our hands a unique identity, so no two sets of fingerprints are the same. God also gave each hand five fingers. The number FIVE is the number of grace and our fingers combined equal TEN, which is the number of the law. A further look at our palms would rev…

Slumbering in the Tent of Your Father [ A ]

Many people have already been born into deficit. For some, your father was poor and to compound his problem, he married multiple wives thus increasing the level of poverty and it was from this background you were born - right into a deficit. Some have come from homes where people do not prosper. Some have come from homes where marriages do not work. Some have come from homes where all men must marry witches and their women, wizards. They have already been born into deficit.
Many have been born spiritually blind, deaf, dumb and far away from God. Right from when they were born and started crying, they have been in bondage. They were born and raised in idolatry and given herbal concoction to drink - they have been born in deficit. Perhaps, you have grown up seeing your father as a drunkard or grown up in a family house where incest or some sort of sexual perversion was practiced. Already, you were born into that deficit, but the truth is this: you do not have to remain in …