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The Greatest Payoff of Staying Stable in Hard Times

Many people have gifts and talents and are called to do great things for God. Yet He hasn’t said, “Go,” because they’re still learning how to be stable, dependable, reliable, not easily shaken, and in control of their emotions.

As Christians, we need to live the life that we claim to represent so that our gifts and talents can be released―not just for our own sake, but for the good of those around us.
I am so glad that I’m married to a stable man. Of all the things Dave has brought to my life, I am so grateful to him for teaching me the value of stability. You see, in the early days of our marriage, he never knew one day to the next what I was going to be like, and neither did I. My circumstances dictated my mood―and it was a miserable way to live.
Stop Making Excuses I could get up each morning thinking I was going to have a great day and then something would set me off. Then by 9 a.m., the rest of my day was totally ruined! But it doesn’t have to be that …